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Begining to Design with CakePHP

After reviewing several pages of the CakePHP intro documentation, here are my summary notes on some basics for designing a site built with CakePHP.

Kindle sketch – Queen

Condensing Main Nav to a Single Link for Small Screens

While getting inspiration from mediaqueri.es I noticed a navigation element I really liked from the new Mobilism 2012 site. For the small screen the navigation at the top condenses down to a single link “menu” and then two high priority link (program and tickets). The “menu” link actually just jumps you down to the bottom […]

A Few References for thinking Mobile

Well, I guess it’s about time I got serious looking at designing for mobile devices. I’ve been digging into Responsive Design a bit and it feels like I’m just scratching the surface. So here are some links and resources to help us along… I’ll start with Luke W’s | Touch Gesture Reference Guide.

ProCSSor – Advanced CSS Prettifier

ProCSSor is a tool to pretty-up your CSS code. You can paste CSS directly, upload a file or pull from a URL. Then there are several ways you can reformat the code, to compress it down or expand it out and make it more readable. Awesome! ProCSSor – Advanced CSS Prettifier.

Responsive Design Frameworks and Starter Kits

There are a number of solid frameworks and starter codes out there. Here are a few that I’ve come across. Foundation from ZURB Foundation is a framework for responsive design prototyping. Smashing Magazine has an article about a new framework called Foundation¬†developed byZURB. Foundation was created so they could not only create responsive design prototypes […]

Displaying Featured Image on a Page

I finally found the magic words to display a featured image where I want it on a page. I’ve been using the Genesis WordPress framework and struggling to figure this out. Thanks to several different forum responses and especially Nick the Greek’s tutorials I finally have an answer. Here’s the deal. I wanted to have […]

Great Guide to Web Form Usability from Smashing Magazine

Justin Mifsud has compiled a concise and extensive guide to usability and web forms. He uses three main aspects of forms (Relationship, Conversation and Appearance) to explore best practices related to usability. This is not a “one size fits all” recipe either. He goes into why you might want to design one type of form […]

Notes: Navigation Menus and Panels

Some thoughts and links on navigation menus. Drop-Down Menus A 2009 article from Smashing Magazine discussing best practices for drop-down menus and navigation panels. They show a number of good and bad examples. Terminology for drop-down menus seems to float a bit. drop-down menu drop-down panel Mega menu Mega drop-down menu (used by Jakob Nielsen) […]

Smashing Magazine: Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms – Smashing UX Design

Smashing Magazine has released a comprehensive Form Design Cheat Sheet. This is a great crib sheet that summarizes all kinds design challenges we run into when building forms. Free Download: Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms – Smashing UX Design.