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Responsive Design Frameworks and Starter Kits | CW Cage

Responsive Design Frameworks and Starter Kits

There are a number of solid frameworks and starter codes out there. Here are a few that I’ve come across.

Foundation from ZURB

Foundation is a framework for responsive design prototyping.

Smashing Magazine has an article about a new framework called Foundation developed byZURB. Foundation was created so they could not only create responsive design prototypes but also get new designers up to speed on their methods quickly.

Foundation contains features like other frameworks and is built to collapse down for mobile devices.

It seems they have tried to make class names very understandable with classes such as “hide-on-phones” and “four columns”.

Read the full SM article here and see a couple of demos.

Checkout ZURB’s official Foundation site.

Twitter’s Bootstrap

Twitter has offered up Bootstrap for folks to use when kickstarting development of webapps and sites.

They have base CSS for typography, forms, buttons, alerts and more. It looks like a really nice base to build from.

I like the different options that Bootstrap has especially for different types of form layouts. From what I can tell; however, Bootstrap does not collapse in a “responsive design” type of way.

Bootstrap is not “Responsive” currently. Apparently this is in the works for a future release.

Check it out: Bootstrap from Twitter

HTML5 Boilerplate



As the name implies, this one is very stripped down. It is a collection of CSS and JS that provides a foundation for a 12 column grid that is responsive to different size screens. www.getskeleton.com

Gold Grid System

A 16 column grid that  collapses down. It syas it is NOT a framework. It’s a starting point and  some guidelines. goldengridsystem.com

Similar to the Gold Grid System is


An idea to make a responsive fixed-width grid. www.framelessgrid.com

CSS Style Reset Trends

for years we’ve been using Eric Meyer’s reset.css. It seems there are some other trains of thought now, like “normalize.css” that doesn’t take such a shotgun approach.