Notes: Navigation Menus and Panels

Some thoughts and links on navigation menus.

Drop-Down Menus

A 2009 article from Smashing Magazine discussing best practices for drop-down menus and navigation panels. They show a number of good and bad examples.

Terminology for drop-down menus seems to float a bit.

  • drop-down menu
  • drop-down panel
  • Mega menu
  • Mega drop-down menu (used by Jakob Nielsen)
  • drop-down module
  • pull-down menu
  • drop-down element

Collections of Navigation Menu Examples

Mega Drop-Down Menus

Straight Horizontal navigation

Another Smashing Magazine article this time on trends in Horizontal Navigation

Forms in Navigation

Addy Osmani discusses using jQuery & CSS3 to put HTML forms within drop-down menus, reducing clutter on the page.